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With market-rate housing construction booming, Kim abandons effort to balance it with more affordability 

Guardian Editorial

A night at Powell Station shows how BART rousts the homeless in enforcing its new ban on sitting and lying

Joe Fitzgerald Rodriguez

SF General — a top trauma center, important safety net, and major city commitment to public health — moves into an uncertain transition period

Rebecca Bowe

Arts & Culture

Dancers explore fresh rhythms at the Music Moves Festival

Rita Felciano

Go out already, why don't you? Plus: Magda, Glenn Jackson, Just Be, Outpost, Made in SF, more parties

Marke B.
Magda, Nightlife, Super Ego, Super Ego

Truth, tears, and staple-gun battles: SFJFF's female-centric films

Cheryl Eddy
Film Review

'The Kill Team' brings an ugly chapter in US military history to light

Dennis Harvey
Film Review

A PFA series brings World War I films into focus

Cheryl Eddy
Film Review

Diana Gameros brings her unique musical perspective to the YBCA's MEX I AM Festival

Emma Silvers
Diana Gameros, Left of the Dial, YBCA, Music

Quick takes on new releases

Daniel Bromfield

An inside take on Aaron Landsman, Mallory Catlett, and Jim Findlay's 'City Council Meeting'

Robert Avila

Food & Drink

TABLEHOPPING Fresh seafood, fried chicken, authentic bruschetta, and Eat Drink SF will all inspire overeating this week.

Marcia Gagliardi
Biondivino, Eat Drink SF, Ferry Plaza Seafood, Food and Drink, Tablehopping, Uncle Brother's Fried Chicken, Food & Drink

THE WEEKNIGHTER: Beer (and some surprising neighborhood feeling) flows freely at Southern Pacific Brewing.

Stuart Schuffman, aka Broke-Ass Stuart
Bars, Food and Drink, Southern Pacific Brewing, The Weeknighter, Food & Drink